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hello hello!

i'm aaron aka misterwitchboy!

i believe tarot helps you 

remember yourself 


when you need a spiritual reset, a magical brainstorm session, or some arcane storytime,

tarot is a safe container to sort through the muck and face your monsters.



This workshop is for readers who want to see their tarot decks as extensions of themselves. It's for readers who are tired of feeling scared of what the cards might say, of constantly looking back to the guidebook for help, and of giving away their tarot power. It's for readers who want to create and sustain a tarot practice of gently exploring the wisdom they already have inside. If you want a tarot practice that no one else can take away from you, this workshop is for you.


Weaving in my own experiences of decolonization work, queer exploration, and readings with clients, in this workshop I guide you through a rework of your tarot practice past, present, and future. I give you a list of some of my own interpretations of all 78 tarot cards, but only as a jumping off point. This workshop is about what the cards mean to YOU. 

Copy of Notes PDF (Instagram Post) (Card (Landscape)) (6).png

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"my readings with misterwitchboy always feel very personal and they allow me the space and freedom to reflect on my feelings - past, present, and future. he has an incredibly comforting energy and is genuinely interested in helping you find direction & peace, and i always leave readings feeling light and motivated." - raphael

"aaron's readings resonate SO DEEPLY. i feel so lucky whenever i get readings from him - as i've said before, he truly has such a beautiful gift." - ashley

"misterwitchboy's readings have aided me in delving deeper into my own thoughts by urging me to reflect on aspects of my life and personality that I otherwise struggle to pause for. His attentiveness and catered tidbits of wisdom have served as gentle reminders for ideas that sometimes seem so painfully obvious but are easily ignored." -matt

"aaron's reading really calmed my heart and affirmed my direction, while inspiring me to consider my intentional steps and where I need to trust the process & myself more. you're a beautiful gift, Aaron. Thank you for seeing me." -ryan

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