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about misterwitchboy

hello hello! i'm aaron (he/him). i'm a gay, filipino american, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i, and currently based in Dallas, Texas.

i'm an actor, singer, writer, and tarot reader. more simply, i'm a storyteller.

90s pop ballads were probably my first lesson in the art of storytelling. i have a vivid memory of my preschool teacher yelling at me to stop singing "My Heart Will Go On" and get off the toilet. celine, mariah, whitney---they all taught me the "soft intro, building chorus, minor bridge and whistle tone finale" format of a nineties ballad. i knew their songs note for note, riff for riff. boy, could those divas make you feel something. 

looking back, school drilled that storytelling out of me. don't get me wrong. it's useful to learn theory and healthy to have technique, but it made me forget why i sang in the first place. i was so focused on how things should be done that i forget why their done. not many people listen to music for the theory. most audience members just want to feel something. even as an artist, theory only goes so far. there's a point where you just throw it all out the window and play. there's a point where training melds with 90s pop diva intuition, and you just go. 

i don't remember the details of my first tarot reading. i couldn't tell you what cards were pulled, their positions, or the zodiac signs they signified. i do remember how i felt. i felt curious. i felt seen. i felt empowered. i want my clients to walk away from my readings with those feelings. i want to use the tarot theories and knowledge i've gathered to tell a story with you. i want to hold space for you to remember wisdom you've learned over the years, and more importantly, to remember yourself. i can't tell you how many readings end with the words, " ugh, i knew it." sometimes you just need a reminder! i hope my cards can help remind you of your 90s pop diva intuition. i hope they can help you just go.


from me and my cards,


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