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aquarius season tarotscopes

Aquarius Season felt like a blur to me. It felt like zero to a hundred. It felt like I would never quite keep up. The movement was welcome in some ways though. It sort of felt like the year was truly starting.

I employed a lot more of my recent astrology deep dive learnings to write this round of horoscopes. They're a bit more formulaic, a bit more by the book. They're focused more on the planets that rule each rising sign and what aspects that planet makes in the season. Hopefully, by leaning into the rule-oriented Saturnian nature of Aquarius, I've made space for you to reflect back on how Aquarius Season shaped you.

As always, thankful to Glass Lizzard for partnering with me on these tarot scopes. They're a skincare brand that's been featured in Bustle, Very Good Light, Essence and Buzzfeed. I swear by their Bouncy Balm. Check them out here!

From me and my cards,



Aquarius - Seven of Pentacles

Aquarius, look at you working your butt off, wearing the grown up pants no one ever thought you’d fit. The influx of responsibilities for you has been real these past few years.

This season I invite you to match that influx with an increasingly liberal use of the word, “No.” Let it be spell to conserve your energy for what really matters.

Pisces - Seven of Cups

Pisces, the way you go about bringing something into reality is to first dream it up. You see colors and hear stories that don’t yet exist on this plane. It just comes easy.

This season I invite you to start to give those dreams form and weight. Trace the outlines of your watercolor sketches with black. Let us all in on your vision, friend.

Aries - Nine of Swords

Aries, as you start to gain more attention in the public eye, don’t let the audience get to you. It’s easy to project your own worst inner critic on to the sea of names, faces, and Instagram handles.

This season what will ground you is not any more thought, but sinking down into the work itself. Embrace the practical and tangible. Love through action, not worry.

Taurus - The Hermit

Taurus, you’ve gone through an especially potent review of your philosophy on relationships over the past few months that’s finally beginning to clear. Time to live those new slogans out.

This season is about trusting that you revised the rubric for a reason, while remembering not all theories work out there in real life. When in doubt, return to what you value.

Gemini - Six of Wands

Gemini, the signals from others may have been a bit crossed lately, a bit stop and go. Things are finally starting to come in clear, though, thank Mercury.

This season though, the mic moves from what others have to say to your own philosophy on the whole thing. You’ve waited long enough for the green light. Shine it yourself!

Cancer - The Star

Cancer, the first half of this season brings you new beginnings in the realm of what others bring to the table. Perhaps what you thought was your responsibility was actually theirs.

The second half of the season brings you a harvest in regards to what you bring to the table, a cosmic reminder that you do have that to offer. Don’t you forget it.

Leo - Queen of Cups

Leo, you’ve been learning some hard relationship lessons over the past few years. It may feel like playtime is over. Things have gotten oh so serious.

This season that education in links and bonds gets a spotlight for you. How do you usually hold the emotions that come with that? How would you like to?

Virgo - Queen of Swords

Virgo, last season gave you a chance to explore the things you take pleasure and pride in for no one’s sake but your own. This one gives you a chance to revisit those thrills one more time.

As the volume rises there, let your own voice rise as well. We all want to see and hear you following your bliss. Tell us all about the times you’ve reveled in your own Virgo joy.

Libra - The Magician

Libra, the past few months have reminded you that you have a history. There are people, places, and things that have shaped you into who you are today. That can be both grounding and overwhelming.

This season come back into the present. Yes, you stand on the shoulders of others before you. Now use your own tools and skills to create shoulders you want others after you to stand on.

Scorpio - Three of Swords

Scorpio, last season brought some friction to what you feel you own and can offer to the world. Maybe you’ve found yourself with more than you thought. Maybe it meant a paring down to the essentials.

This season that friction transfers over to those you interact with on the day to day. You’ve learned what you have. Now who can be there to support you with either your newfound excess or loss?

Sagittarius - King of Swords

Sagittarius, this past year strengthened your relationship with your inner dialogue and those you share that with. Now, you could recognize the timbre and rhythm of your voice anywhere.

This season continue to boldly say what needs to be said. Review your inner transcript everyday for mistruths. Make use of your close personal brainstorm groups. Give your sermon. You know you want to.

Capricorn - Eight of Pentacles

Capricorn, your checklist of necessity has gone through a serious overhaul the past few years. You’re starting to settle into the fact that your needs are unique. You’re just built different.

This season gives you some insight on exactly how. Why those doors were closed becomes just a bit more clear. You aren’t meant to fit into a cookie cutter existence. Stop trying to.


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