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capricorn season tarotscopes

Capricorn Season so far has been a deep study of love. Venus, the planet of all things love, has been retrograde, showing us all that whispering sweet nothings and presents under the tree are not enough. Love is an action. It can be time off and relaxation, but it can also be dedicated work that requires energy from deep inside your bones. Whether romantic, familial, or platonic, love is structure and foundation. Where have you noticed this review for you in your life?

Hoping these tarotscopes, written for your rising sign, support you in your love overhaul. Here’s less “Love Actually,” and more actual love.

From me and me cards,



Capricorn - King of Swords

Capricorn, think of this season as your first draft. It may not be what you turn in to be graded. It may not be your finest work. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a waste. You know better than anyone that a job finished is worth more than one almost perfectly incomplete. Even a brainstorm is valuable in and of itself. Breathe into that.

Aquarius- Seven of Swords

Aquarius, now is the time to take a purposeful step back. Tap in to your ability to zoom out and gain perspective. Let the warehouse of what you have to offer expand beyond just the tangible. Let yourself feel into the truth that what you have is enough for right now. The voice telling you otherwise is lying!

Pisces- Five of Pentacles

Pisces, if you have been wondering what you have to offer to the group, or which group you’re a part of in the first place, Capricorn Season comes with answers. Look out for those people who already have the ideas, supplies, and materials that you haven’t quite been able to come up with yourself. Accept the help.

Aries- Five of Cups

Aries, grief gets a little lighter this season. It may not move quicker. It may not go away. However, if you’re able to come to terms with the fact that there is a bit of grief in everything, it becomes more familiar. How can you treat those parts of you not quite ready to let go with so much care? Do not be ashamed to tend to yourself.

Taurus- The Tower

Taurus, what part of your life is in need of revolution? This season I implore you to ask the hard questions. Where do your beliefs come from? Which beliefs are feeling more and more like hand me downs? There are authorities and systems you’ve bowed to all your life. It’s time to come into the truth that you should always come first.

Gemini- Eight of Cups

Gemini, where in your life does it feel like you are being called to give over the keys to someone else? Perhaps this is a relieving relinquishing. You cannot wait for this to be someone else’s problem. Perhaps this is a more heartbreaking letting go. As it leaves don’t leave with it. Stay with yourself. Where will you go now?

Cancer- Ten of Cups

Cancer, there’s a review happening of the people you make promises to and who promise you things in return. Rather than putting these partners up to a certain rubric and letting the chips fall where they may, I invite you instead to put your rubric up to the test. Rework those promises to each other together. Meet them at the table.

Leo- Nine of Swords

Leo, just because something is your responsibility does not mean that you must go it alone. This season asks you to delegate. It reminds you that there are different ways to get the job done than piling on the effort. Overextension may get you some brownie points, but at what cost? Did a car that finished first but is in terrible shape truly win?

Virgo- The High Priestess

Virgo, this season is a time to drag your way through the activities and linger with the people who make life feel that much better. Slow your heartbeat. Sink into the cushions. Savor the sauce. It may not feel like there are many of these opportunities around, but when they do come, take the chance to bring everything else to a screeching halt.

Libra- Seven of Pentacles

Libra, there are cracks in your home and dents in your relationships with those who you call home that you’ve been noticing. Whatever feelings this brings up is valid, but know that there are treasures in these chasms. Stop trying to hold it together just for appearances. You deserve depth and understanding.

Scorpio- Four of Cups

Scorpio, this season may bring a tension between your need to have enough and your need to be free. You don’t always have to stick with the tastes and sights at home. What if you opened your circle just a bit? What is your neighbor having for dinner? What sights does your street have to see? In community you have more than you may think.

Sagittarius- Ten of Pentacles

Sagittarius, the boost you get from your roots this season is supportive and rich. Your way to move forward right now is to remember your past. Whatever it is you are after, when was the last time you had it in your reach? Let those memories not be bygones and have-beens, but lessons. Every day becomes a yesterday. Live the day you want to remember.


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