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pisces season tarot scopes

If you’ve felt like you’re more drifting than walking through life recently, welcome to the landscape of Pisces Season. It’s a reminder that a ripple can become a wave. It’s less color swatch fan and more Pollock painting. It’s an escape from reality that might feel like a much needed exhale.

Read on for something to ponder while you breathe, float, sing through these days. If you know your rising sign that might fit the most, but it’s Pisces Season…Whatever floats your boat!

Shout out to Glass Lizzard skincare for sponsoring these tarot scopes each season. This is the sixth time collaborating! It's been soo interesting seeing the season pass through these card pulls. Maybe I'll do a retrospective back on the last six months for ya'll to mull over?

From me and my cards,


Pisces - Page of Pentacles

Pisces, what if you romanticize your reality as much as you do your daydreams? What if you bathe in what is as much as what could be?

This season the call to quantum leap begs the question of where you should even start. Structure is a gift, not a prison. Checklists are your friend, not your overbearing foe.

Aries - Nine of Swords

Aries, what if you took fear of failure as a sign to do it instead of an excuse to not? What if you relabeled what scares you as what you truly care about?

This season brings the chance to renew your vows to both what you’re committed to doing and what you’ve sworn you’ll avoid. Start to notice how those lists inform each other.

Taurus - Three of Wands

Taurus, what if cutting things off were an act of love? What if clearing things out made room for what is truly fulfilling?

This season finally publishes a belief that has been under review over the last few months. Let actions speak for themselves. You don’t need to explain yourself anymore.

Gemini - Seven of Wands

Gemini, what if you accepted that it’s okay to need external validation? What if it were more important who you’re craving that encouragement from?

This season gives the microphone to whatever has felt restricted for the last few years. You may begin to hear the reason for all of the restraints. Perhaps it was all for the better.

Cancer - Two of Swords

Cancer, what if having options meant having power? What if you could start from scratch and choose beliefs to live your life by that don’t hold you down?

This season gives you a healthy return on what you’ve been pouring into the people, places and things in your immediate surroundings. Let abundance flow both ways.

Leo - The Fool

Leo, what if you were able to accept the help that is being given to you? What if you could accept yourself in the areas that you don’t yet have all the answers?

This season you may notice an influx in the resources and opportunities of others. Resist a mindset of scarcity. If there is enough for them, there is enough for you.

Virgo - King of Pentacles

Virgo, what if you were able to find intricacy in the mundane, joy in the everyday? What if you embraced your tendency to break everything down, to know every little detail?

This season those with the fantastical to your practical seem louder. It may not make sense to you, but them overlooking the details means they do care. Hold it down for you both.

Libra - Three of Swords

Libra, what if you allowed yourself to tiptoe the line between aggression and attraction? What if you thought less about consequence and succumbed to the magnetism?

This season a hold up at home finally smooths up and over. Let what you have learned from the situation sink in from head to heart. Things will be different next time.

Scorpio - The Lovers

Scorpio, what if you remembered that every day you are writing your future self’s origin story? What if it wasn’t just a story you’re writing, but a perfume-scented love letter?

This season highlights the question of what you would like to create for yourself. Not every hobby needs to become a business. Not every art project needs to be an Instagram post.

Sagittarius - Ace of Pentacles

Sagittarius, what if you offered yourself a fresh start free from habits and history? What if you can have both a clean slate and a past that you will never forget?

This season gives you a chance to invest in a new venture. Maybe it’s the same one, but a new way. Rearrange your room, schedule, and assets. Embrace a change of scenery.

Capricorn - Knight of Cups

Capricorn, what if you took a birds eye view of where your resources lie right now? What if listened to the nagging feeling that this one thing needs to go?

This season listen for messages on why the answer has been no. It’s time to get in touch with how all of that denial makes you feel. Let down your guard with those you trust.

Aquarius - Knight of Pentacles

Aquarius, what if you were able to speak your mind without the need to edit for the sake of image or reputation? What if it were true just because you say so?

This season sees you taking inventory of what you have to offer before you commit to the next leg of the journey. Big changes don’t always also have to be quick. Take your time.


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