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sagittarius season tarotscopes

friends, welcome to nifty, nimble sagittarius season! sagittarius knows that to travel far you must pack light. you don’t need your whole wardrobe, your books, and your industrial sized face-wash. whatever part of your life you’ve felt has gone through a deep cleaning, now’s the time to design your on-the-go upkeep regime. the goal is quality over quantity, efficient over extraneous. this season, what if instead of tying you down, your expectations rendered you weightless? read on for what advice the tarot had to say to your sun or rising sign.

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sagittarius - four of swords

sagittarius, this season is your celebrity interview moment. in front of a microphone, the pressure to present yourself as a finished product is strong. can you hold both the excitement of the attention and the detachment of knowing there is life after the interview at the same time? sit back. don’t strain. let them come to you. you cannot be contained to, or defined by, just this moment.

capricorn - ten of cups

you should never be ashamed of a desire to retreat, capricorn. even if you don’t quite understand the rhyme or reason, your nervous system knows. trust it. the next time you find yourself running, pay attention to where you end up. the comforts that place give tell you what you aren’t getting normally. remind yourself of your resiliency. how amazing that you can give that to yourself?

aquarius - the moon

there’s nothing quite like being with those who make you feel you belong. however, not everyone can do that for you and vice versa. more important than if you feel included is why you want to be in the first place. gleaning that information may finally steer you away from those whose jokes you never quite got. instead, say hello to those who were waiting with open arms. welcome home.

pisces - eight of swords

pisces, even when the cage door opens, it may still take a while to warm up flying out. voices are judging why you haven’t flown yet. voices are warning it’s a trap and to stay where you are. it’s an intense time. it’s a tender time. remember wherever you feel most free is where you’re meant to be right now. the outside will be there when you’re ready and not a moment sooner.

aries - high priestess

this season is a chance to explore your relationship to the quiet. you may see rest as a luxury, or something to be earned. maybe it a far off ideal you could never achieve. maybe the stillness feels more unnerving than it does peaceful. remember that the goal is not complete nothingness. it’s simplicity. it’s zero wasted energy. it’s moving with purpose, not panic.

taurus - five of pentacles

taurus, this season remember that the words of others must be followed by action. in fact, entertain the idea of words being altogether unnecessary. promises and good intentions only do so much. if at the end of the day you are left wanting, that’s important to note. take this season to do some relationship accounting. remember that no one is more responsible for yourself than you.

gemini - ace of pentacles

when you break ground on a new building, the focus is not on how much work is left to do, but on the fact that the work has begun. whatever new partnerships come your way this season, allow yourself to revel in the reminder that you can always start again. allow yourself to be ready sooner than you thought. don’t let yourself get carried away asking what might come of it all. stay present.

cancer - hierophant

cancer, your beliefs about what constitutes good, productive work come to the forefront this sagittarius season. we’ve all been sold a work lifestyle based on hours and rates that boils down to our worth being tied to flat and lifeless numbers. what would your everyday life look like if you put down the need to be busy and embraced a desire for meaning? less, but better, is more.

leo - king of swords

if the usual shiny, alluring things in your life have dulled, this is the season for you to remember that attraction starts in your mind. predictability can become a bore. curiosity turns things up a notch. what if you were to play devils advocate? what if you were to change up your routine just for the sake of it? go on the tangent. geek out. go down the rabbit hole. i dare you.

virgo - two of swords

virgo, this season has you pondering where you’ve come from, who was there with you, and whether you should continue down that path. it may be a time for you to hear all sides before making that decision. what would it be like to hear, not the feelings, but the facts as if they happened to someone else? what would it be like to pause, not for excuses, but for understanding?

libra - three of cups

now is the time to let yourself get sentimental. say out loud those mushy thoughts you think others would tease you for. let all of the unspoken appreciation you have for those you’re most comfortable with be known. what you’re really doing is telling those people that you trust them. trust can start small and silly. it’ll build up. when things get big and serious, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

scorpio- queen of pentacles

scorpio, this is the season to appreciate your abilities merely for existing, not for how much they give you or how productive they’ve been. hold them close like you would a dear friend. treating them a little less harshly might actually reap more benefits. you’re allowed to love what you do. nurture where you usually critique.


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