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scorpio season tarotscopes

hello hello! somehow, scorpio season snuck up on us. now is the time to follow through with whatever you were talking up during libra season. now is the time to stop the sugarcoating and speak your truest desires. now is the time to remember that authenticity looks different on different people. whatever sneaks up on you this season, remember that it doesn’t necessarily need to be brought into the light, but it must at least be acknowledged.

to help keep you afloat for the rest of the season, i've written these tarotscopes with the help of my favorite skincare company, Glass Lizzard. they've been awesome and have even given me a handy discount code if you'd like to try out their products! head over to their website and use the code WITCH20 for 20% off.

these tarotscopes work best if you know your rising sign, but your sun sign will give some food for thought too. and if you want to make sure you won't miss any more posts like this, sign up for my free newsletter! some free goodies are coming your way soon if you do :)

from me and my cards,



scorpio - king of cups

scorpio, as your season rolls in, it’s time to remember that while emotions can run deep, they can also flow far. if authenticity is what you’re after, remember it can be shared horizontally, not just mined vertically. this is your invitation to share the tender parts of yourself without shame, only insomuch as you feel comfortable, of course. if they truly know you, they’ll respect your boundaries.

sagittarius - eight of swords

not everything needs to be put into words and not everything can. sagittarius, if there’s any struggle this season for you with understanding the why of it all, remember that some things are intangible. that is why you have the rest of your senses. that is why you have face masks and spotify and kitchens and gyms. this season validate your feelings without needing to analyze them.

capricorn - queen of wands

capricorn, this scorpio season remember you do not need to be self-motivated all of the time. when you find your passion waning, be gentle with yourself and remember that’s normal. then, when you are ready, ask yourself who you might dedicate the task before you to. you are not meant to do this alone nor solely for yourself. look up and meet the gaze of those around you.

aquarius - the hierophant

we were all passed down a long list detailing who we should be in the world. take this season, aquarius, to review that list and decide whether you still subscribe to those decrees. get curious about whether what you’ve been told lines up with what you have actually experienced. people made that list for a reason. now it’s your turn to make edits and live them out. what wil you be known for?

pisces - seven of pentacles

pisces, scorpio season is here to shed light on the moments when you feel you do not live up to your ideals. how do those philosophies of yours play out in regular life? how would you like them to play out? now is the time to mend the disconnect between the theoretical and the actual. gently ask yourself, what is in the way of you living those life mottos out to the fullest?

aries - six of swords

sometimes it’s more helpful to let things settle naturally on their own rather than forcing them into place. come to the table this season open to conversation. being upfront with your needs isn’t new to you, but taking the time to understand their needs may be more of a challenge. sometimes a step back allows you the perspective you need to see exactly how the pieces fit.

taurus - nine of wands

taurus, this is a reminder that stability does not equal good. variety does not equal bad. do not let the appeal of keeping things the same cloud over the reality that things would be better off differently. know that change can happen in small increments, not just massive overhauls. in fact, the most lasting change happens that way, as long as you catch it before it starts to snowballs.

gemini - nine of cups

this season is an invitation to return to or reinforce whatever practices cultivate contentment and presence. wherever you feel like you are at the whims of the world and you can’t quite seem to get a hold of yourself, let go of the need for things to be perfect. there is nothing to get a hold of. this is not a test. show up to your tasks as you are because that is enough, and truly all you can do.

cancer - the hanged one

cancer, this season facilitates you coming to terms with how important incorporating pleasure into your life is. whether that means changing how you approach the more everyday parts of life, or changing what those everyday parts are completely is up to you. turn things on their head and see what happens if you’re led by what feels good. it feels that way for a reason.

leo - page of swords

your ability to reinvent who and what is home is the challenge this season, leo. know that uncovering new information does not always need to be as dramatic as it may seem. it can be a sign of growth, not just secrecy or malice. let whatever you find in your excavations this season, not shake your foundation, but remind you of who you are and where you're going.

virgo - the tower

virgo, this season remember that the way you’re used to communicating may not be the way others best receive. some respond well to direct words. some can intuit body language and tone. some need to see actions and visualize the message. start to become aware of the miscommunications that are happening. stay true to your message, but get flexible about how you might convey it.

libra - queen of cups

the next time you find yourself getting in your own head, weighing each and every possibility, and still not knowing what to do next, it’s time for the conversation to sink down from your head and into your heart. now is the season to remember that your feelings give you information that is just as important as your thoughts. here is your permission to soften and flow. you cannot know everything.


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