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my offerings

this is a 1/2-hour recorded video reading

complete with a PDF reading overview

delivered by email within 2-3 days


the mini witch boy reading

sliding scale - $30/40/50

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the standard witch boy reading

sliding scale - $60/80/100

this is a full hour reading with me and my cards

complete with a follow up PDF reading overview

all sessions are held over Zoom

if redeeming a gift card, select the standard rate

and enter your coupon code.

gift a witch boy reading

gift a standard reading

*gift card will be sent to you by email

within 2-3 days of time booked

**want more than one reading? 


As a tarot reader, my readings are done for entertainment purposes only, not as fortune telling, business or financial coaching, legal, medical, or marital counseling. I honor those who see tarot as a form of divining the future. That is tarot for them and who am i to say otherwise. However, my tarot readings are different. While they are for entertainment that is not to say I treat them lightly. I believe tarot is most powerful, not to reveal the unknown future or another person’s thoughts, but as a reminder of our present selves and the agency we sometimes forget. I believe tarot is a storytelling tool, a mirror to see ourselves clearly and then a framework to inspire change if we didn’t like what we saw. I do not take the trust clients put in me lightly and strive to create a safe, non-judgemental space. However, tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. 

sliding scale - $60/80/100

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